Alright. I feel I have to address this right off the bat, concerning the topic of this post.

Vegans and vegetarians, we’re friends, right? I completely respect your decisions to live certain food lifestyles, and it would be really awesome if you, too, could respect my food lifestyle, which tends to involve a lot of meat cooked in sometimes graphic ways.

A pig roast is a tradition where I’m from, which is a small town in the Ottawa Valley. Hunt clubs, big barbecues, and neighbourhood game roasts are a great opportunity to get the all our friends and family together.

That being said, I don’t want anyone to get upset. There’s a photo or two of the pig roasting coming up, and I just want to warn everyone ahead of time. Photos below, but for now here’s a picture of my dog. Get promptly jealous of how cute she is:

Her name is Ceilidh, she’s a duck tolling retriever, and she’s so cute I could die.

Okay, so it’s coming up to the end of summer, which means it’s barbecue season! This past weekend my family held a pig roast potluck event for the neighbourhood, family, friends, and work colleagues. We got a pig and a big roasting… tub… thing and did it up rotisserie-style for 6 hours. We also cooked two chickens, some vegetarian options, and a bunch of desserts and sides. Lots of people came, and brought more delicious dishes and it was just all-around a great event. Below are some shots!

My dad cooking up the pig.

A family friend slicing up the pig into tasty bits. I eat the ears every time, no shame here.

Willa, the new puppy. She’s a cross between an ackbash and a great pyrenees, so she’s pretty much
growing up to be a polar bear.

My two sisters and I made tamales with the leftover pork meat for dinner the following night.

Also pictured is fresh, handmade salsa.

My niece and my dad drew this together.

There was a great summer shower. No wind, so the rain just fell down like a sprinkler and it was the best.

The rest are honestly just pictures of my adorable niece being adorable with an adorable puppy.