It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about tea. The weather’s heating up now and the city is scorching. Hot tea in the mornings is less appealing now than in the dead of winter.

Anyway, here’s another winner from Harney and Sons. These delicate little pearls are hand-rolled in Fuan, China, and infused with the refreshing scent of jasmine flowers. Brewing yields a floral, fruity and calming tea with an almost-clear liquor. The scent of jasmine is just slightly present, and doesn’t come across as perfumey or fake, as with many store-bought jasmine teas.

The leaves do unravel during their first steep, but you could probably still get a second cup out of them to conserve, if you want.


According to the website, this tea is best brewed at 195F (90C), which is just less than boiling. If you’re not as anal retentive as I am and don’t want to hover over your water with a candy thermometer, then just bring your water to boil and let it sit and cool down for 1 minute. Gently brew the leaves for 4 – 5 minutes.

Flavour Notes

Obviously the light aroma of jasmine is all over the taste of the tea, but what I like best about this one is that it’s so delicately flavoured. There are definite floral and almost peachy notes to it, while keeping the tea light and subtle.

I think this tea is best at breakfast, but it’s pleasant at any time of the day.


I think I’m going to try out an iced tea with it soon. It’s getting freaking hot out.