Harney and Son’s is a well-respected tea company out of the US that has been providing high-quality tea for about 30 years (according to their online bio).

When I started getting really into tea, I happened upon the Harney and Son’s book (they also have a blog!). It’s a very informative and interesting read. They discuss a brief history of tea production and give great descriptions of their favourite and best teas. After finishing the book, I took down some notes of the teas that interested me most and ordered a bunch of the $4 samples on their website.

One of the many samples I purchased was their Golden Tip Assam. When referring to tea titles, words like and “tip” have important meanings. Tips refers to the tea bush’s buds, where the most natural sugar develops (a “tippy” tea is a naturally sweet-tasting tea). Golden Tip Assam is a tea made from only golden buds — the best and most expensive available.

Harney and Sons recommends that the tea be brewed at a lower temperature – between 190 and 212 Fahrenheit for 4-5 minutes.

Flavour Notes
The tea is very naturally sweet. I steeped my cup for probably over 5 minutes, and I still had a sweet-tasting, light tea. It probably wouldn’t benefit from any added sweetener, so I don’t recommend it. The tea has a warmness about it. I pick up caramel and honey, which speaks for the natural sweetness of the tips. Try it out!